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The StanfordCardPlan (SCP) allows students to charge up to $1,000 per quarter at the Stanford Bookstore and other on-campus locations. The charges are added directly to the students' university bill. The SCP helps students who must purchase books and other necessities before their financial aid is available. StanfordCardPlan users can also use the plan for printing and copying on campus.

To participate in the StanfordCardPlan, students must sign up in Axess. For students who have not previously enrolled in the StanfordCardPlan, students may enroll in Axess starting September 15.

StanfordCardPlan enrollment is available for the autumn, winter and spring terms only. Students who enroll in the SCP for spring may utilize the $1,000 limit through the spring and summer terms. To be eligible for SCP, students must be actively enrolled and have no financial holds on their account. Students need only sign up once for the SCP unless they become ineligible at which time the SCP will be deactivated. See the full text of the Terms and Conditions (PDF).


StanfordCardPlan Quarterly Refresh
Reset balance to $1,000
Autumn 2019-20 September 16, 2019
Winter 2019-20 December 16, 2019
Spring 2019-20 March 30, 2020


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