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Student Fees Payable

When signing up for payroll deduction, students may select one of the following four categories of charges. For most RAs and TAs, we recommend opting for 'Housing and Fees' as tuition may be covered by a Tuition Allowance.

Type of Fees Four Categories of Payroll Deduction
  1. Housing and Fees 2. Housing Only 3. Pay All Charges  4. Tuition Only
Tuition     X X
Graduate Cash Advance X   X  
Early Arrival and Interim Housing Fees


X X  
Housing (Room) X X X  
Telecom Fee X X X  
Room and Board Tax X   X  
ASSU Fees X   X  
Health Insurance X   X  
Campus Health Service Fee X   X  
MD Students Disability Insurance X   X  
Vital Savings X   X  
Document Fee X   X  
Course Reader Fee X   X  

P.O. Box





Only charges that are posted to your University bill as of the day of your Payroll Deduction plan is set up by Student Financial Services will be included in your Payroll Deduction plan.  You must separately pay any charges posted to your bill after the Payroll Deduction setup as well as any balance remaining after all Payroll Deductions have been made.  These charges cannot be moved to the next term and are subject to late fees and holds per University policy.

Students may owe a remaining balance after the Payroll Deduction contract ends if:

  • their salary is less than the payroll deduction payment amounts
  • their department sets up their salary after the first scheduled payroll deduction
  • their department sets up their salary on an 'alternative calendar' (which doesn't match the payroll deduction periods)
  • additional charges were posted to the student account after the Payroll Deduction plan was set up