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Important Information Regarding COVID-19


An updated Spring term bill will be available on our normally scheduled bill date of April 20, 2020. The bill due date will be May 15, 2020. No late fees or financial holds will be placed before May 16, 2020 on Spring term charges, including those billed prior to April 20, 2020.

Payments should be made electronically via Stanford ePay which provides US dollar and foreign currency options. (Students sending check payments should expect significant delays.)


In the current circumstance, students’ use of Direct Deposit is especially critical to ensure their refund is received securely and timely. If Direct Deposit is impossible, students must ensure their mailing address in Axess is accurate in order to receive a check payment.

Refunds of payments made for Winter and Spring charges that have since been removed from student accounts will begin April 3. Refunds of Spring term financial aid began March 25 for graduate students and April 2 for undergraduates.

If you have a change in financial circumstance that may affect your ability to support your educational or living expenses:

Undergraduates contact the Financial Aid Office at • Graduate students review Funding Options and/or contact your department.

Latest information about the University's response to COVID-19 • Academic questions are extensively answered in the TeachAnywhere FAQ

Direct Deposit

Basic Instructions: 

  1. Go to Axess at
  2. Choose Direct Deposit from the options in the Student Menu at the top of the page.
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Enter information into fields:
    1. Routing number*: Bank routing number (usually 9 digits)
    2. Account Number*: Bank account number of checking or savings account (usually 10-12 digits; DO NOT ENTER a credit/debit card number)
    3. Account Type: select checking or savings
    4. Deposit Type: select Percent
    5. Amount or Percent: enter 100
    6. Deposit Order: enter 1
  5. Verify your information and click Submit

*if in doubt, contact your bank for the correct numbers to use for Direct Deposit. 

Note: student refunds are sent to only one bank account.

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